The Crunchy Allergist

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The Crunchy Allergist

Empowering naturally-minded, scientifically-grounded individuals looking to reduce or even eliminate their Sjogren's symptoms! 


Who is The Crunchy Allergist?

Hi! I am Kara Wada. I am a wife, food allergy mom, and autoimmune warrior. I am a board-certified pediatric and adult Allergist/Immunologist and medical educator at a large academic center in Columbus, Ohio. 

After my diagnosis, I didn't know where to start. I knew I needed to make changes in what we were eating and other habits, but I was overwhelmed. 

What had the potential to help? What was safe? What was sustainable for the long term? Where could I find a balance between Western medicine and the wellness industry?

The Crunchy Allergist grew out of my frustration.   

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Personal experience & professional expertise

When I became a food allergy mom and autoimmune patient in the same month, I was devastated. Nearly 2 years later, I am more passionate than ever to help others struggling with misbehaving immune systems.

Immunology 101: Learn from an expert in the field

I am a board-certified pediatric and adult allergist/immunologist and have been caring for patients with allergies, autoimmunity, and immune deficiency for nearly 10 years. Additionally, I completed additional training in medical education. 

Last but not least, I am both a Sjogren's warrior and food allergy mom that has transitioned our family to a more anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

Practical approaches to balancing the immune system

As a busy working mom living with a chronic illness, efficiency is KEY. I use effective evidence-based, & common sense solutions to optimize health. 

We are going to walk hand in hand through ways to best use your limited resources including time, energy & money!

Learn through original & curated content from the experts themselves. I have already weeded out the woo for you. 

Proven strategies to making lasting changes

Use effective accountability & tracking tools to help you see where you are and how far you have come!

Each month have the opportunity to virtually attend expert-led sessions, participate in a book club, and question & answer discussions.  

Join a tight knit community of like-minded individuals all looking to find more balance in their lives. 

My mission is to empower others through education and connection. 

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Meet Kara, The Crunchy Allergist


Learn more about Building Balance!

What makes Building Balance different?

Watch engaging pre-recorded mini-classes to learn about the immune system and what happens when it doesn't follow the rules.

Learn a holistic approach to caring for the immune system at your own pace. Pause, rewatch, & quiz yourself as you go!

Whether it is focusing on nutrition, sleep, non-toxic living, mindfulness or movement, you'll have opportunities each month to interact with the content experts.

Nourish to Flourish! Explore non-restrictive, anti-inflammatory nutrition with Jenifer Tharani, MS RD's landmark program.  

Learn ways to support your own growth and healing. 

No one should go through their wellness journey alone. Find 1-on-1 and community support while building meaningful relationships. 

Let's cheer each other on through the tough days and celebrate victories together. 


Building Balance with the Crunchy Allergist

Holistic, practical, effective steps towards healing & learn to trust yourself again. Commit to sustainable solutions for today, tomorrow & decades down the road.


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