5 Foods People with Sjogren’s Don’t Need to Fear

(for who suspect they have or are diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome)

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From one of the clients...

" Dr. Wada is awesome! She listens, wants to understand & help. She's personable and relatable. I appreciated her willingness to examine issues and consider many variables, not just what a textbook says should have happened. "

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The 5 Foods You Can Stop Fearing


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Hi, I’m Kara Wada

A board certified allergist/immunologist and Sjogren’s patient and I help women struggling with Sjogren’s syndrome gain confidence & clarity as they build balance in their lives and take ownership of their healing journey. 

Having spent more than a decade caring for thousands of patients struggling with their misbehaving immune systems, I have learned that no two individuals are exactly alike. 

The 5 Foods People with Sjogren’s Don’t Need to Fear will help you hop off the elimination diet merry-go-round that is anything but merry. 

Without it, you’ll continue to waste your time and energy and find yourself struggling with diet culture disguised as healthy eating or wellness and confused by the latest list of foods to avoid. 

With it, you can say goodbye to the fear and overwhelm and find freedom and fun with food again while ramping up the anti-inflammatory power of your meals and snacks!

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